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He also said his parents are 'ecstatic' that he is returning after his experience with the 'absolute shambles' of Dubai's justice system.

His mother, Patricia, said she was 'absolutely delighted' at the news.

I didn't see the light at the end of the tunnel.'I still couldn't believe it had actually happened and what it was that was going on.'Even now that I'm actually home, I still can't believe that it was actually three and a half months.'I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep in my bed cause I was sleeping on my mate's couch. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum is thought to have intervened due to growing international pressure.

In a statement released through campaign group Detained in Dubai, Mr Harron said: 'No one should go through what I went through.'Yesterday, I faced months in a Dubai prison cell.

As well as being a much-hailed leader, he is also a published poet and a keen equestrian.