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In addition, there are integrations with third party authentication proxies such as e Trust, CA Site Minder and Oracle Oblix as well as web servers and/or application servers such as Microsoft's IIS, Apache and SAP Net Weaver.

There are several challenges involved with providing SSO to IBM Cognos BI, The following sections of this document address these challenges by providing extensive insight into the design concepts and techniques leveraged by IBM Cognos BI to system administrators and security architects.

A special service, the Presentation Service, proxies requests for pure HTML based clients such as browsers.

A client, may it be a browser or some other client developed or based off the IBM Cognos BI Software Development Kit (SDK), sends requests to a valid IBM Cognos BI entry point using the HTTP protocol.

The CMS is implemented as a Java servlet and is the service interface to the IBM Cognos Content Manager (CM), the central component with exclusive access to IBM Cognos BI's application repository known as the Content Store (CS).