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The movie stars Mandakini and Rajiv Kapoor, son of Raj Kapoor. The film was the highest grossing Hindi film of 1985.

The music director Ravindra Jain received a Filmfare Award for this film.

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At Rishikesh she is exploited by two women and a man from whom she escapes and takes shelter in a crematorium.

Then at Banaras, she is molested by a Pandit, rescued by the police and given a ticket to Calcutta.

The storyline of the film is somewhat similar to Pakeezah.

The film became very controversial because of Mandakini's bold scenes of breastfeeding and bathing in a transparent saree, which wasn't something the conservative Indian Censor Board allowed then. One day she comes to the assistance of a young man, Narendra Sahay, who has come with a group of Calcutta-based college students to study the source of the holy river Ganga, and to get some holy water for his wheelchair-bound paternal grandmother.

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