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Yes, it's provided by your video card driver, but be aware that the highest Open GL version you can have is the highest supported by your video card. Just to be clear, what are you trying to accomplish (and why)?

Do you want to upgrade the Open GL implementation on the PC you're going to run the Android Emulator on (to one that supports Open GL 3.0)?

Do not use the Solr example configuration in production.

If you're upgrading to EE 1.14 from EE or, see EE Upgrade: Running the EE or EE URL Redirect Script now.

Note: If you're upgrading from EE to EE or later, your upgrade doesn't involve changes to URL rewrites and you can skip many of the steps discussed in the other upgrades. This section discusses how to get ready for your upgrade by backing up the database and customizations on the file system.