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During her short solo career, Lopes scored two US top-ten singles with "Not Tonight" and "U Know What's Up", as well as one UK number-one single with "Never Be the Same Again".

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This film is what it's title says -- it is literally a documentary filmed during the last month of Lisa Lopez's ("Left Eye") life.

What it does also is give background and insight into her life up to that point (age 30) as Lisa herself saw it; included are photos of her growing up, her family, her former husband, and her music and performances with TLC.

Lopes remains the only member of TLC to have released a solo album.

On April 25, 2002, Lopes was killed in a car accident while on a trip with her sister and others.

When Lisa died I remember thinking how sad it was that a woman of her talent and energy died so young.