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That’s not to say there isn’t good stuff going on in Stickam (CNET mentions live video chat with musicians and video feeds from the Sundance Film Festival), but the problem is it’s just about impossible to enforce rules like a minimum age (14) or no obscenity where live video’s concerned.

Stickam chat-17

He says that it is Noah's turn to move and only he can make it "fun".

It's notable that during the live chat, multiple people had said that as Noah moved closer to the camera, it would emit some sort of distortion.

Most of the livestream was recorded and uploaded to the Stickam playback servers, but was thought to be lost when Stickam shut down.

During season 2, Noah finds this livestream and the Valentine's Day livestream on his computer.

Noah's mother believes that Mary might have killed him. He believes that it could be Mary or his mother, because they both look similar to the woman in the photo.