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The importance of this city lies on the fact that it represents a financial district in Europe.

The route at that time traveled between Hauptwache and Nordwestzentrum. In 1971 alone, an extension from Gonzenheim to Heddernheim was launched.

In the following years, the expansion towards the south of the city began, and in 1978, a new line was opened, connecting Zeilweg and Ginnheim.

All of these lines are administered by a unique system monitored by Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt (Vg F), which in addition involves the city’s suburban transport.

This is the first line of the U-Bahn of Frankfurt, covering the Hauptwache - Nordwestzentrum section, and which was inaugurated first within the system.

Regarding the topic of transportation, Frankfurt’s central location allows the city to be the place of hundreds of connections.