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For details about the economic downfall of Linotype read the German report "Traumschiff sinkt" written by Joachim Peters. This new "Linotype Library Gmb H" published the former "Gold Edition 6.0" as "new" release "Gold Edition 1.1" (with a confusing new version number) in January 2000. 900 fonts seem to be copyrighted by Linotype itself and by various other minor companies.

Both the final "Gold Edition 6.0" (Linotype-Hell AG) and the first "Gold Edition 1.1" (Linotype Library Gmb H) contain ca. Later, the entire ITC (International Typeface Corporation) font collection with ca. In November 2005, the "Linotype Library Gmb H" adopted the name of the liquidated "Linotype Gmb H", so that historians now must distinguish between the old liquidated "Linotype Gmb H" and the new not-yet-liquidated "Linotype Gmb H". (owned by the private equity investment firm TA Associates) acquired the Linotype Gmb H from the Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG.

My website was launched in November 2004 starting with an introductory report about the "Funny Font Forging Industry" (see below).

None of the notorious font forging companies ever dared to sue me, because I describe the facts.

The various former companies "Linotype Gmb H", "Mergenthaler Linotype Gmb H", "Linotype AG", "Linotype-Hell AG", and "Allied Corporation" etc. Before the "Linotype-Hell AG" was liquidated, it published the "Gold Edition 6.0" in June 1995.