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Not just of Kim and Kanye's big day, but of the Kardashian weddings in general (and that's a LOT).From opulent affairs to intimate family ceremonies, there's one thing that's for certain: the Kardashian klan certainly knows how to throw a wedding party — and momager Kris Jenner will always be there for it.(You're welcome, world.)2007: Kim begins a three-year, on-off relationship with Reggie Bush that is featured heavily on both her reality show and in the tabloids, and is plagued by rumors of engagements, which ultimately were unfounded.and she also said that i will probably have to take one a day until i am 10-12 weeks...

It just happen and we really found ourselves wanting the baby more then any thing.

With ironically deadpan innocence, Rocca uncovers the top-secret history of a pact between presidents and their pets, who are "bound by the indispensable 'Sacred Animal' component of proper decision-making." Rocca's jibes at media and government personalities range from incisive to silly and may confuse readers not fully literate in cable network news.

May 25, 2011: The couple announce their engagement to the world.

While this union is a little-discussed marriage from Kim's past, Damon Thomas needs to be discussed.

We're happy."Early May 2011: Just a week before Kris proposes (and two weeks before the world learns of the engagement), Kim again addresses rumors of an impending engagement.