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From the lower surface of the appressorium, a penetration peg emerges which penetrates the cell wall and invades the host epidermal cell to form a specialized intracellular structure called a haustorium.The haustorium is an interface between the fungus and the host cell that facilitates the dynamic exchange of molecules derived from both fungal and host cells.The PCD-mediated resistance is exerted inside the penetrated epidermal cell and induces the death of invaded cell, thereby terminating the supply of nutrients required by the biotrophic fungus for further growth and development. Leaf samples were collected after 2 days and fixed and stained with Coomassie brilliant blue to visualize fungal structures.

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The most economically important disease of cultivated grapevines worldwide is powdery mildew (PM) caused by the ascomycete fungus Erysiphe necator.

The majority of grapevine cultivars used for wine, table grape, and dried fruit production are derived from the Eurasian grape species Vitis vinifera because of its superior aroma and flavor characteristics.

Penetration resistance of grapevine against the non-adapted PM species E.

cichoracearum was shown to be compromised by the actin cytoskeleton inhibitor cytochalasin.

Finally, it addresses future research priorities which will be important in the rapid identification, evaluation, and deployment of new PM resistance genes which are capable of conferring effective and durable resistance in the vineyard.