Radgrid not updating on rebind

Data Source = ds Record Else ds Record = get Record By Type("", "") ajax Grid Param Grp. Message & "');") End Try End Sub Protected Sub ajax Grid Param Grp_Insert Command(By Val source As Object, By Val e As Telerik. Insert Command Dim str Param Group As String Dim str Param Group Desc As String Try Clear Msg() Clear Msg() Param Grp Desc. Data Source = ds Record End If If View State("Page Access Right") = "R" Then Invisible Column Grid() Else visible Column Grid() End If End If Catch ex As Exception Rad Ajax Manager1. Hi, I am using Telerik product for my web site development. Message & "');") End Try End Sub Private Sub Populate Record For Grid(By Val vstr Param Group As String, By Val vstr Param Text As String) Dim ds Record As New Data Set Try ds Record = get Record By Type(vstr Param Group, vstr Param Text) ajax Grid Param Grp. Data Bind() Catch ex As Exception Throw ex End Try End Sub hi, marcoscavaleiro, Thanks for your reply, i have try gird_name.

The following examples illustrate these techniques. They both use the same grid declaration: Private Read Only Property Grid Source As Data Table Get Dim obj As Object = Me.

View State("_gds") If (Not obj Is Nothing) Then Return CType(obj, Data Table) Else Dim conn As New Ole Db Connection"Provider=Microsoft.

Text) ds Record = get Record By Type("", str Search Param Grp Desc) ajax Grid Param Grp. Selected Item Is Nothing Then str Param Grp = Param Group. Value If str Param Grp = "ALL" Then ds Record = get Record By Type("ALL", "") ajax Grid Param Grp.

Text = "Parameter Group " & str Param Group & " With Description :" & str Param Group Desc & " Successfullly Added." Catch ex As Exception e. Text) "" Then str Search Param Grp Desc = Trim(txt Param Grp Desc.

To Upper View State("Update Param Group") = str Param Group 'Param Group Validation(str Param Group, str Param Group Desc) Insert Record(str Param Group, str Param Group Desc, Http Context.