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Nevertheless, these disorders can be differentiated through proper assessment.

For example, right hemisphere dysfunction may produce a number of specific deficits not seen in the typical NVLD presentation (Ardila & Ostrosky-Solis, 1984).

Every person experiences autism differently and not everyone experiences the same set of symptoms. Parents will notice a certain set of communication impairments.

Common autism communication problems can include: There are many different treatment options available to help improve communication in cases of autism ranging from speech therapies to visual learning systems.

All of these things can help parents advocate for their child to find the best solution for his specific needs.

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    You're still the parent, and you get to make the major decisions in their lives, but they're growing up, and they need to feel they're in control as well."If kids begin to feel a sense of respect coming at them, you'll often see a shift, and the kid will seem to become a bit more mature and engaged instead of just being a resistant gorilla," Griffin said.