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The general idea is to have the greatest flexibility, at the lowest overhead possible.

So, integration is super-easy, and the library does pretty much everything for you, including synchronizing operations.

So here when I change the Cell No the Text will be updated and When I change the Cell No the Text will be updated. public string Cell Value // Using a Dependency Property as the backing store for Limit Value. public static readonly Dependency Property Cell Value Property = Dependency Property.

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More details at Code is at Update (Licensed under the Apache 2.0 license) That's the problem with providing links only: over time they're broken. Nadeem, is Dot Net Updater still available nowadays and where to get information?

(Google was not able to help on this occasion) Click Once is a good solution, but if you wish to have total control then you can roll-your-own.

Good news – I’ll teach you how in 3 days of labs, learning, and fun.

We’ll take you from no data science knowledge to understanding the fundamentals and being able to put them into production using SQL Server.

I need to keep a program I've written up to date, this will happen frequently over the next year or so, this will need to be done over the Internet.