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Actors do their most interesting stuff between 40 and 50. 'This year, Orlando returns to the fifth instalment of When asked what he looks for in a role, he struggles.

"There's a rock-solid security there and therefore more freedom to explore professionally that I have in the past few years." The confession comes after waitress Viviana Ross, 21, boasted of her night of "incredible sex" with the actor after she served him at London's Chiltern Firehouse this month.

Viviana was sacked by her bosses for "fraternising with clients", and later got an apology phone call from Orlando for getting her in trouble.

Sat on a couch at an alfresco bar in Malibu, California, he looks out towards the ocean, talking slowly and carefully.

'Today, Orlando is back at the seaside, fully dressed.

'I'm just waiting for the age lines to get deeper in my face,' he laughs.