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Utakubaliana nami kuwa baadhi ya akina kaka hawa hawana taaluma isipokuwa muziki, na iwapo unataka uhusiano nao basi jiandae kujitwika jukumu la kumlisha, kumvisha na hata kumpa pesa za mfukoni ilhali wanazidi kuwapofusha vipusa wetu warembo na penzi hili sumu.

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One major factor may be Meeshkan’s use of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency African monetary units are notoriously unstable, and it makes sense that cryptocurrency would become a viable alternative for individuals looking to secure their assets.

The organic growth from these campaigns has been much more promising than anything we’ve seen in Europe or North America. That being said, there are several reasons that Meeshkan’s early adoption in Africa is not surprising.

Note that these reasons come from my own personal research and discussions with friends and colleagues, but no one on our team has significant knowledge about African economics. As CNN reports, there are major incentives for people in Africa to own cell phones.

They have reported that they have already created partnerships with Kenyan banks.