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Something might happen nearby that triggers conversation. -- Be aware that some people are really really good at reading other people. What should i do if i like a senior and im a freshmenand im not sure if he has a girlfriend or not Plus hes our school mascot and he isn't like a dork he is actully a "bad boy" I have no idea what to do because hes so much older than me and i alwayz see him and i feel like im goin 2 have a heart attack evry time i see him I NEED HELP.

It also keeps yourself safe, and maybe make the person you're talking to feel protected. What you feel on the inside may be showing on the outside even if you don't realize it. -- I've got a theory that just being around people (especially the kind of people that you want to be around and like) teaches you things unconsciously that may come out at a later time.

-- Some people are really really good at hiding or using body language. So spend time around people you like, or can learn from.

I think this is similar to having kids go on play dates, or taking a dog to a park to socialize with the other dogs.

Sometimes it takes time to convince someone you're worth talking to, or even safe.