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"Never Alone" was also featured on the WOW Hits 2005 CD.The CD also featured a hidden track titled "Image", which listeners could only obtain via digital download by loading the CD into their computers and accessing a hidden website. 3 on Soundscan's Christian album chart, and had reached eighty-five on Billboard's Top 200 Current Albums chart by October 10, 2005.Art must take to the road and risk all for the glory of adventure.

He also stopped signing and dating his works so that people would judge his works on their own merit and not by the artist or when they were painted.

In 1969, he was made a Companion of the Order of Canada. He was interested in philosophy and Eastern thought.

Lawren Stewart Harris was born on October 23, 1885, to Thomas Morgan Harris (son of Alanson Harris) and Anna J. Later, he became involved in Theosophy and joined the Toronto Lodge of the International Theosophical Society. Mac Donald in 1911, they together formed the famous Group of Seven.

Stewart (daughter of pastor William Boyd Stewart) in Brantford, Ontario, into a wealthy family – the Harrises of the Massey-Harris industrialists. Lawren went on to marry Beatrice (Trixie) Phillips on January 20, 1910, and together had three children (Lawren P. He financed the construction of a studio building in Toronto with friend Dr. The Studio provided artists with cheap or free space where they worked.

I myself incline to drift, to accept a lesser situation rather than strive for a greater, and yet, I know that character in life and art is only made by an effort that is quite beyond one’s ordinary everyday acceptance of things as they are.