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Hansen later admitted to lying about what happened but was not charged. The government has sued the former cyclist on behalf of the U. Postal Service, arguing that the USPS wouldn't have paid more than million to sponsor Armstrong's cycling team if it had known the team was violating its sponsorship contract by doping.

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The incident came after Hamilton told the world about Armstrong's doping on 60 Minutes in 2011.

At the time, Armstrong had vehemently denied doping and didn't confess until January 2013.

He loudly confronted Hamilton at the restaurant and asked Hamilton how much 60 Minutes paid him.

Toward the end of the confrontation, Hamilton apologized to Hansen for this "whole mess, for everything," Hamilton said in the deposition April 2 in Missoula, Mont.

In February 2015, Armstrong mailed in a guilty plea on a careless driving charge.