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Both Melee or Range users will want to use their Bandos godsword specials at the beginning of each kill.

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Graardor has two attacks: A powerful Melee attack which hits upwards of 60 And a Ranged attack which hits all players within the room for up to 35.

Be sure to keep above 50 Hitpoints while fighting Graardor or his minions as damage can quickly stack up.

They also can drop Godsword shards at a rate of 8 Sir Zammmy soloing General Graardor with 45 defence, 99 attack, strength and hitpoints.

Equipment used:~ Berserker Helm~ Amulet of Fury~ Zamorak Cape~ Rune Platebody~ Rune Platelegs~ Barrows Gloves~ Ring of Wealth~ Climbing Boots~ Armadyl Godsword Abo für i Am Naveed kündigen? Reason: Evolution of Combat You can help improve this page by it.

Getting Kill Count The easiest way to acquire kill count is to kill Goblins in the Bandos Corner of the main room.