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We have decided to revisit Afghan cooking with a second menu and remind you all of the delicious traditional flavours this incredible place has to offer.

This menu will also happily coincide with "Nauroz" the Afghan New Year on March 21st.

Lamb kibbeh Halloumi, pear, butter leaves & walnut Spinach & cheese fatayar - Lentil & cumin soup - Grilled lamb, zataar quail & makanek Aubergine fatteh potato, fennel & lemon salad grilled peppers pickles - Pears poached in arak Pistachio and rose water ice cream Baklava We'll start the evening from 7pm with reservations available until pm.

Stevie & Luke will be presenting a Sri Lankan dinner on Tuesday January 31st.

A Middle-Eastern Mezze is probably the ultimate meal to share and for the next three weeks we're visiting the Lebanon for our set menu.