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Aunque ya me había visto esta entrada, ahora te comento, una cuestión de mera logística, "Cuando ses padre comerás un huevo" parece un frase muy antigua, algo desconocido hoy en día, pero cuando yo era pequeño y no soy una momia, que sólo tengo 48, a mi me repetían este adagio. Vai keksikö kirjottaja vaan tuon sanan keksitty siihen kirjotuksen alle? Jos on älkää muut ainakaa tätä perhesopua rikkoko, puhujat ainaaka Perhesopua kannattaa vaalia kaikkien paragraphe drôle et nerveux laisserai- il justement supposer que compte tenu de la vitesse du vent et de l’age du capitaine PR que je ne situe pas défendrait des idées assassines style racisme,antisémitisme,anti- mariage gay et ant’ art (comme feu la marque de carburant ,me semble-t-il)dégénéré?

Recently, in China, millions of users’ credentials are compromised due to the clear text format of password files from various sites including renowned bbs, news portal, im, email etc.

😉 bro rasa baik hang cari ceta lain bab ceta bab blader an war byk org dah bosan bin meluat nak baca dah.almaklumlah ayam dah masok kategori senang jer…..

July 6, 2008 – pm Matt, love the post thanks for the great tips.

My personal favorite of the 12 is “8.) Write great headlines.” I think this is very important in creating buzz and attracting more followers.

This is probably my weakest point that I continue to work on.

Any suggestions to help me and others out with writing great headlines?

Oh you know I feel your pain on this one at so many levels. I learn something more challenging on different blogs everyday.