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My answer was yes, so he started a process to revive my candidacy.

My concern is should I be hopeful for this position or might this be another way to say final rejection?

I am in operations in a different office, but we speak daily, and today he asked my thoughts on a situation that left me stumped.

He has a specific order of precedence for people and I’ll be called into his office and verbally reprimanded (and threatened with insubordination) if I do not observe it in the order that I list names in the “to” and “cc” fields of my emails. He also appears to be incredibly insecure, since caring about this kind of thing is the province of people who don’t think their value and professional status will come through via actual merit.

The biggest thing is that he must be listed first, in the “to” field, even if the email is not actually addressed to him (I’m required to put him on every communication, and have him at every face-to-face meeting). You have to do what he’s asking since he’s your boss, but you’re welcome to privately acknowledge the smallness of his character each time. Telling employers I can’t work on Saturdays First of all, thanks for all the helpful insights on your blog!

It was pretty likely that this was going to come out.) 2.

Employee keeps asking for pay advances My boss is the COO of our company, and oversees all offices.

That’s an even more serious integrity issue, and you’re right to think that you can’t trust her at all. (Also, in addition to the integrity and judgement issues here, now we have to worry about Anne’s critical thinking too.