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you weren’t aware that the space in which you parked belonged to somebody else etc.

however premeditated acts of violence that target individuals can be predicted because predatory individuals use common methods and tactics for targeting, selecting and gaining access to their victims.

The SEPS Women’s Self-Defense Foundational module, introduces you to the methods that these predatory individuals use, and teaches you how to identify the steps and stages that they go through along their timeline before they physically interact with you.

This allows us to either avoid them, disengage from them, or prepare ourselves to deal with them physically – it is this ability to identify violence before it happens that enables our physical self-defense training to be effective (without these skills any self-defense training is unlikely to work).

This information isn't given simply to increase your head knowledge around the subject, but so that you are better able to understand how and why you should respond to them and their threat in a certain way.