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is his finest work—drenched in hues of passion, throbbing with unspoken desires, while a mix of '60s pop and an orchestral score fill in the blanks between a man and woman (Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung) whose spouses are having an affair with each other.

It's a cruel reminder that love, no matter how strong, can't work without timing. We know the ship eventually sinks (that's certainly no spoiler) so maybe it's our fault for getting so attached to Jack and Rose's inevitably doomed love story, but it's hard not to when they're dancing and nude-sketching and having steamy hand-on-fogged-window sex in a car.

In the film's feeling-less dystopian society, two perfect human specimens (Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult) accidentally catch feelings for each other, and what starts off as a steamy secret affair becomes a profound statement of love. Carol is the most romantic movie of this century—there, I said it.

In this 1950s-set melodrama about two women who fall in love with each other, director Todd Haynes shoots with such tenderness that it will take more than just a single viewing to catch all the intonations and hand touching that add up to the film's lingering romantic subtext.

In the meantime, pick any of the following for your V-day viewing, and let a little love into your life.