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All books are grouped together by content, regardless of title.plastic sandal: R, blue, 24/25plastic sandal: R, green, 23/24plastic sandal: R, clear, 21/22boot: L, blue, 24/25boot: R, blue/green/red, 22pair babar head slippers: 6pair shoes: "Mustang Babar", tea/emeralde, 23 w/boxpair shoes: "Boum Babar", tea/emeralde, 22 w/boxapron: plastic, yellowbib: 12x18, "birthday cake" w/red trimbib: 12x18, "sail boat"bib: 12x18, "skipping babar" w/red trimbib: 12x18, "driving babar" w/green trimbib: 12x18, "bicycle babar" w/yellow trimbib: 12x18, "standing babar", w/green trimbib: 16x10, "dancing with trumpet"bib: 16x10, "giving flowers"bib: 8x9, "dimanche" w/green trimbib: 8x9, "jeudi" w/green trimbib: 7.5x9, embroidered babar w/green trimbib: 7.5x9, embroidered babar w/red trimbib: 8x9, "lundi" w/red trimbib: 8x9, "vendredi" w/red trimbib: 8x9, "mardi" w/blue trimbib: 8x9, "mercredi" w/yellow trimbib: 8x9, "somedi" w/yellow trimbib: plastic, yellowbib: "cafe theme" w/green trimbib: "misc. babar" w/red trimbib: 12x15, "carnival theme" w/red trimsweatshirt: embroidered, green w/red collarpajamas: white, 3M, w/blue trimbaby wash cloth: 6x9 whitebaseball cap: "help save the elephants", blackbib: plastic, w/ hangerchange purse: 9", greensatchel: 12x10, green, "Babar et Celeste-et leurs amis"bag: round, "picnic"bag: red, white,bluebag: 9.5x6.5, natural w/three babarsbag: 13x9, natural, "i am going to try to be a good king"bag: 14x13, natural, "babar walking"hat: black/maroon, "roller skating"hat: "swimming"hat: red w/strapshat: "deep sea diving" whitescarf: red, embroideredbelt: plaid w/metal buckletie: blue, "orchestra"tie: whitetie: blue, "babar riding a horse"tie: maroon, "penguins"tie: green, "sports"tie: green, "elephants"tie: "butterfly"tie: marron, "bicycles"tie: maroon, "butterfly"tie: maroon, "flags"tie: yellow, "misc"bag: white, w/green trim "cafe"bag: white w/red trim "family"bag: 8x11, white w/green trimbag: 13x10, white w/red trimbag: white, "red trim"backpack: green 9x12bag: blue, w/yellow trim, "ABC"bag: blue w/yellow trim, "babar's children"pencil pouch: "king & his family"pencil pouch: natural colorpencil pouch: yellow plasticpouch: nylon, greenbag: beach, w/shellsbag: sledding, w/snowbag: scuba, w/waterhandbag: red, "picnic scene"lunchbox: red sunglasses: w/bag-strap-balloon, redsunglasses: w/bag-strap-balloon, greensunglasses: w/trap & balloon, greensunglasses: w/zephir & arthur, whitesunglasses: w/babar & celestesunglasses: w/strap & balloon, purplesunglasses: w/strap & balloon, black/yellowsunglasses: w/strap & balloon, red/yellowwatch: w/blue leather strapwatch: w/red leather strapwatch: w/green plastic strapwatch: w/yellow/red strap, green facewatch: whitewatch: light blue, w/white strapwatch: yelowwatch: redwatch: green facewatch: green lizard-leather strap Awatch: green lizard-leather strap Awatch: red strapwatch: black strapwatch: yellow strapbracelet: w/goldbracelet: pearl w/babarbracelet: w/4 babarsbracelet: babar headearrings: full-color babarearrings: steel babarearrings: babar headsrings: full-color babarring: babar headring: steel babarnecklaces: large head w/leather strapnecklaces: small head w/leather strapnecklace: pearl w/babar headnecklaces: beads w/babar headnecklace: gold chain w/full-color babarsoap: celeste 80g.soap: babar 80g.perfume container: Babar, porcelainsoap: yellow, Babar bartoothbrush: Babar, "Sensodyne", bluetoothbrush: Babar, "Sensodyne", yellowtoothbrush: Babar, "Sensodyne", lavendertoothbrush: Babar, "Sensodyne", minttoothbrush: babar, whitetoothbrush: elephants w/green letterstoothbrush: yellow w/toothpasteperfume: babar w/blue boxperfume: celeste w/pink boxsoap dispenser: babar, white, ceramicsoap dish: white, ceramicsoaps: 2, babar & pombabar spongeshower curtainapplesauce: 6-packsmilk-chocolate eggs: w/ceramic mug & cupchocolate egg: largecookiescookie box: emptychocolate suckersempty box: 160g "a la creme"empty box: 240g "a la creme"orange juice: empty boxapple juice: empty boxchocolate coins: germansolid chocolate figuresrubber stamp: babar walking, w/wrappingrubber stamp: arthurt w/wrappingrubber stamp: zephir w/wrappingrubber stamp: babar standing w/wrappingrubber stamp: babar & family, b/wrubber stamp: babar & celeste, b/wrubber stamp: "please sign & return", b/wrubber stamp: "au revoir", b/wrubber stamp: "long live happiness", b/wrubber stamp: "from the library of", b/wrubber stamp: zephir, smallrubber stamp: flora & flowers, smallrubber stamp: flora, smallrubber stamp: pom, smallrubber stamp: alexander, smallrubber stamp: babar w/grassrubber stamp: babar's facerubber stamp: babar w/carrubber stamp: babar standingrubber stamp: "this book belongs to"rubber stamp: elephant & zephir on cyclerubber stamp: babar & celeste w/kidsrubber stamp: arthurrubber stamp: zephir jugglingrubber stamp: arthuerrubber stamp: cornelius standingrubber stamp: cornelius "swing"rubber stamp: celeste, largerubber stamp: babar & celeste, largerubber stamp: rich old ladyrubber stamp: "school stamps" collectionrubber stamp: "At School with Babar" (set of 8)magnet: babar w/boxmagnet: arthurt-woodenmagnet: babar walking, woodenmagnet: babar standing, woodenmagnet: celeste, woodenmagnet: zephir, woodenmagnet: pom, woodenmagnet: family albums of magnetsmagnet: "lets celebrate" porcelainmagnet: "mother's little helper", porcelainmagnet: "i love you", porcelainmagnet: babar w/balloon, porcelainmagnet: "lets celebrate", porcelainmagnet: dishes scenemagnet: babar "on the go" collectionpillow case: light blue w/polka dotspillow case: 25x25 "jalla", circus scenepillow case: w/giraffesheet: 71x114, circus sceneduvet cover: 55x79, circus scenesheets: "hoes donsdeken" 140x200cmpillow box: babar, naturalpillow box: zephir, naturalpillow frame: blue w/balloon-smallpillow frame: white w/walking babar-smallpillow frame: yellow, w/walking babar-smpillow frame: red, w/autommobilepillow frame: yelow, w/reading scenefabric: various babar scenes, white, 10cmfabric: white w/babar 17"x17"fabric: white, w/transparent themehanky-picnic w/red borderhanky-family play, w/blue borderhanky-babar town, w/yellow borderpillow frame: large, red, "chair scene"pillow frame: large, yellow, "chair scene"pillow frame: large, whiterug: babar shaped, 39"rug: babar, christmas 39x23"rug: parade, "long live happiness" 39x23"rug-picnic, 24x60rug-picnic w/blue border, 36x24"rug-babar/arthur w/airplane, 36x23"rug: "family time" theme, 36x23"rug: family portrait, 36x23"rug: bicycle theme w/red stripes 36x23"rug: babar car, 36x23"wall tapestry: "50 years", dark bluerug: celestebabar: foam babar in bathtubrattle: looprattle: redstuffed number cube/stuffed letter cubebottle: w/handles and pinklidbottle: small, pink, w/babar childrenbottle: red top, w/hiking scenebottle: blue top, w/orchestrabottle: green top, w/umbrellabottle: green top,w/babarbottle: yellow top, w/yellow strollerplastic toys: set of 3 watering cans-red, green, yellowcookwear/dishes: plastic, babarflowering can: dark blue Arby's promotional toys; Babar, Arthur, and Zephir riding vehicles, 1990 [donated by J. Babar's first step/The city of elephants/Babar's triumph: British ed.

Colby Grimes]plastic pail: blue, plasticplastic pail: white, large, w/tennisplastic pail: babar gardening, whiteplastic pail: babar bicycles, whiteplastic pail: babar & family, whiteplastic garbage cans: whiteplastic kitchen set: danishplush babar: colorable, w/damaged packageplastic box: w/arthur, smallplastic box: w/arthur, mediumplastic box: w/arthur, largeempty box: "vilac"metal case: small, w/babar & celeste skiingmetal case: large, w/babar & celeste skiingdry-erase board: woodencoat rack: wooden, w/4 pongsthermometer: woodenpicture framebos: wooden, smallcoat rack: babar, w/1 prongcoat rack: celeste, w/1 prongtoolbox: babar, woodenorganizer: babar, woodenclock: babar, woodentapestry: woven, w/entire babar familyborder: 6" babar family & friendsborder: 6" babar paradeborder: 8" babar & balloonsborder: 7" babar drummingborder: 6" babar's familyborder: 7" yellowlampshade: w/babar as a magicianframed picture: 11x9", babar readingframed picture: 11x9", babar tipping hatframed picture: 11x9", babar bikesframed picture: 11x9", babar & arthur flying, redframed picture: 11x9", circues sceneframed picture: 11x9", balloonsframed picture: 11x9", readingframed picture: 11x9", catching butterfliesframed picture: 11x9", honeymoon ballonsframed picture: 11x9", babar & arthur flying, whiteframed picture: celeste w/elephant framepeg gamedecoration: cardboard carouseldecoration: babar & floradecoration: babar "gund"display: macysdisplay/advertisement w/peg hookscard: large, w/plush babarcardboard: "caedman audion presents the best of babar!

Faltaban exactamente los ítems que él había robado, y me había devuelto sólo la consola, que ahora no puedo conectar porque no dispone de los cables necesarios.

De forma muy inteligente, el comprador ha seguido este esquema: Lógicamente he llamado varias veces a Paypal para reclamar sobre este atropello, pero ellos se lavan las manos.

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