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This complication allows the changing of the hour hand without affecting the minutes or seconds; a useful feature for any world traveller.It’s a chunky watch measuring 44.25mm X 32.5mm and 11.75mm thick.

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They only manufactured 172 of these marvelous watches commemorating the 172 years since the company’s founding. Its condition is very good to excellent, although it does display a few fine scuffs and tiny scratches on the case that are inevitable even with occasional use.

We’ve opted to leave this special watch in its original condition.

Luminous gold hands and hour markers offer excellent legibility in any lighting condition.

The soft tone rose gold 18 karat trim on the bezel and bracelet add a level of dressy sophistication that an all steel watch just can’t match.

The slightly curved rectangular case is very comfortable and the bracelet links are quite flexible.