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TV Guide Magazine: Fans are keenly aware that some hotly anticipated moments in Booth and Brennan's relationship never played out on screen. Boreanaz: We have this way of showing but not showing. star's real-life sister Zooey Deschanel will be reprising her role as Emily's character's cousin for the big wedding episode, E! Zooey is too busy shooting that little show of hers called )!

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As we got to the end, this was our last scenes with these actors who may not be in every episode. Deschanel: You shouldn't have taken that time, because the traffic gets real bad. I don't think Emily realized— Deschanel: I wrapped early. Boreanaz: But I realized I was done, I got everything. There are certain things I like to do when I’m shooting and ways of getting things done efficiently. I had my kids on set and I was like, "Uhhh, you should go back." Boreanaz: There was a lot going on. We're so used to working and filming in it [and on breaks] you'll just go sit in your chair.

This is our last scene in the FBI or this room in the lab or house. But that doesn’t prepare you for the last moment, which was very emotional for me. When I finished at 5 the day before, it was two hours to get home. But I got the moments I wanted, which was the most important thing. I almost broke my leg; I fell on a steel bar and I kept going. It was very hard, physically; more because of the chaos of the week in the lab. But you couldn't put anything down, it was such a mess. David went there the other day and sent me a picture of it.

As winds down—with its series finale airing Tuesday, March 28—Boreanaz and Deschanel reflect on bringing the drama to its end.

What were the emotions you had going through this final season, knowing it was the end, especially as you approached the very end?

[To] give them these last few episodes we've done, and all the hard work that every cast member put into it..the crew. What did it mean for you to bookend the final season with each of you directing? To have Emily—and I've been telling her to get in the whole run of the series to get in and direct an episode; I encouraged her to do that. And it was remarkable to be on the other end receiving her commands. That's another step that was nice in a way: this is the last scene in the lab before it's destroyed. People walked by going, "What's wrong with that guy?