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Thanks goes to Gregg Smith for discovering this achieved newspaper article and bringing it to our attention).The town of Austin was started by a man named Newton.

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All the tracks except the main line was temporary track. To those who lived at Bates, it was a special place and a special time in their lives. He was married to Linda and they then renamed the site "Austin." At some point Minot joined with some other investors to pursue a business venture. Minot secured a loan from a Baker bank and mortgaged the Austin property as security for the loan.

As the crew went out and built the grade, another crew followed behind laying track. The past Bates residents hold a Bates Reunion every two years, in order to renew old friendships and reminisce about the Good Ole Days in Bates. The investment went sour and the bank foreclosed on the mortgage.

Oregon Lumber Company built logging tracks down the Middle Fork and had branches up the draws and creeks to supply logs to the new mill.

The lumber was then shipped on the Sumpter Valley Railroad to Baker. At this time off-highway logging trucks began hauling logs in to the mill.

had been doing historical research on various topics of Eastern Oregon over the years, and he has compiled some valuable facts of the old Austin Cemetery.