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) because it may convey things about you that you don’t intend.

(Unfortunately, she isn’t.) If you’re not overly creative but don’t want a plain design, you might want to just design a simple monogram for your card.

Some places to check them out: Vista Print, Fine Stationery, Office Max, Staples, and other “big box” paper stores.

Ok, not small children, but everyone else — students! Now, I’ll be the first to admit that this was mildly insane: I probably needn’t have worried quite so much about stalkers and spammers — and it was a little bit weird to give out a card that didn’t have my last name.

(I called them my “playa” cards, and actually was so embarrassed by them that I did in fact give my future husband my business card when we first met.) Still, I had such a great time being freed from the law firm business card (and realized that the prices were so low) that I’ve since gotten lots, and lots, of other personal business cards, including To answer Reader H’s question — I think you can have a bit of fun with design, but keep in mind that you’re representing yourself.

Save the date products come in all prices and range from cheap to expensive: There are several companies that let you design and print save the dates online at a reasonable price.