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The meteoric rise of vape-pen technology shows no signs of slowing down. Concentrate and cannabis connoisseurs have fueled the popularity of the word. This year, however, we pulled out all the stops, tackling more than 100 concentrate and flower vaporizers.

In fact, vape pens have become so ubiquitous that the Oxford Dictionaries even chose “vape” as its 2014 Word of the Year. When HIGH TIMES first reviewed vaporizers in 2011, we tested 17 devices: 14 for flowers and three for hash oil. It was a herculean challenge, but our intrepid panel of judges courageously embraced the mega-high that the task required.

All of these features contribute a lot to your awesome daily vaping experience. This flavor is spot on, and legend has it, if you close your eyes you can hear the soft pop of those rocks in every vape!

Butta Booze - Fuggin wizards vape this magical beer. I Know What You Dripped Last Summer - Delicious, fresh baked, strawberry rice squares. The crunchy taste will make you say 'ay ay captain'. We've decided to bring to you your favorite candy flavor with a twist.

Includes: USB charger, additional skillet, globe attachment, Vaped stand, lanyard, tool, adapter and case Price: $79.99 Offering five different atomizers (two double-coil and three single-coil) for concentrates, the Source Orb had judges raving about its “variety” and “crazy, strong hits.” The stainless-steel royal gold Orb that we tested was pronounced “sleek” and “well-weighted,” with a “unique airflow” design (“groovy in a futuristic, high-tech way”).