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Six years ago, Grant was visiting a farm in New Jersey with Chin, when in the distance he saw a tall, dark yearling and thought to himself, “That horse is something special.” Nobody else at the farm believed that.

The young horse was an unglamorous New Jersey thoroughbred, one of two left for sale at the end of the day.

The father and son soon shared a love for betting on racehorses – a national pastime in Jamaica.

“When that bugle blow, everybody there,” says Grant of the horseracing scene in Jamaica. Aqueduct sits adjacent to JFK airport, and the roar of low-flying jets is a constant reminder of Grant’s first dream: being a pilot.

Leaning in close as though telling him a secret, he adds: “But I stayed.” Those who remember the track at its peak tell stories of packed, chandeliered dining rooms, rich Manhattanites, and celebrity sightings.