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To understand why the most species-rich biomes, found in tropical and subtropical areas of the world, harbor such an enormous diversity of organisms, we need to understand their history.

Recently, dated phylogenies have made it possible to make inferences about when the groups that constitute important components of these biomes have diversified, as well as their past distribution ranges, despite an often scarce fossil record.

To determine whether the fragmented pantropical distribution of present day Sideroxyleae primarily is the result of long-distance dispersals or represents the remnants of a once continuous distribution in the northern hemisphere, the boreotropical flora, we used phylogenetic analyses of chloroplast and nuclear ribosomal DNA data, Bayesian molecular dating, and Bayesian estimation of ancestral areas.

Incongruence between the two data sets was examined with a nuclear low copy gene phylogeny to discover any occurrences of reticulate evolution.

In this study we aim to determine whether hybrid speciation has been a part of the evolutionary history of Sideroxyleae by comparing phylogenies based on nr DNA and cp DNA.