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She has played her part so naturally that I have fallen in love with her and would not dare to meet her in real life – to break my image of "Marie" that"s her name in the movie. The snow clad landscape is captured with nature"s ecstasy. Some scenes are so greatly executed that without a word – just by images the director communicates so many things, and that is the art of cinema.

Good movies bring you back to the soul – the core of our human values and purity of love.

In addition, Dreamlight will offer up a six-day jetlag plan to help you get over that special fatigue you feel when you've traveled across several timezones." data-reactid="27"The company has partnered with 23and Me, and apparently can craft custom sleep profiles that are tailored to your genetic makeup.

One such profile is "Da Vinci's Sleep," and should you have the requisite profile, the company claims you can train your brain to require less sleep and still be productive.

Joren starts falling in love with Halina without noticing about her albino disease because he is blind.