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You can safeguard the Irish citizenship of future generations by ensuring each generation continues to register in the Foreign Births Register before the birth of the next generation, ie your children (if any) must register so their children can register, Paddy Waldron Last revised: 22 March 2016 There is a clear need for a clear guide to using the birth, marriage and death (BMD) records of the Irish General Register Office (GRO) as they appear online (at and elsewhere from 23 January 2009 and before; and at (in full from 3 July 2014 to 17 July 2014 and in restricted form from 6 April 2015)) and offline (in the custody of various governmental quangos).

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The uncollected search result and/or the certified copy of the certificate concerned will be cancelled 6 months after the date of application.

If you need assistance in using the online service, you can call the Immigration e-Services Hotline at (852) 3128 8668 between 7 am and 11 pm daily.

If you are registered, you become an Irish citizen on the date of registration. Contact the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade if you have any questions about citizenship based on descent from your great-grandparents.

(Do not contact Citizenship Division in the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service.) Under Irish law, you are not required to give up citizenship of another country to become an Irish citizen.

If you need to search for a birth, death or marriage record or obtain a certified copy of the related entry or certificate, you can use the Immigration Department’s quick-and-easy online service. You can apply for a certified copy of an entry in the births or deaths register if you have the original or a photocopy of the certificate of registration, or the result of a previous search.