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But it's clear from Pete Evan's wife Nicola's Instagram snaps on Saturday the former runway model has been won over.

The My Kitchen Rules star and his lover looked to be having a blast in snaps from their sun-soaked Bora Bora getaway...The former MKR star been single since ex-girlfriend Nelly Riggio moved on with celebrity dessert chef Adriano Zumbo in January.

In fact, it's "quite possible" she will be working on some new music in the coming year. The thing is, with me, when I'm acting, I always have headphones on, because that really helps me get the character that I'm about to play.

Luckily, she has a plenty of other projects to focus on as she waits for the call.

"A direct-to-DVD sequel came out in 2011, but Lohan wants to the original cast back together again. "Now, it's like, why So, for now, Lohan will have to wait.