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When a person died, their body was typically left in a cave to decompose.

A year or so later, when the flesh had rotted away from the bones, the latter were stored in an ossuary.

Many speculated that the Yeshua referred to might have been Yeshua of Nazareth, who Christians commonly call Jesus Christ.

Professor Eric Meyers said: "There was a whole tomb that was looted and this has been sold on the black market.

We're missing all of the rest of the stuff that could have filled in the blanks.

This ossuary is typical in size; it measures about 20" long, 10" wide and 12" high.

If the James whose bones were once stored in this ossuary was the James, a Jew who led the Jewish Christian movement in Jerusalem, then it would be the most ancient piece of hard evidence of the existence of Yeshua of Nazareth (a.k.a. The only other evidence from that era is contained in the text of the Bible, the Gospel of Q, other gospels and epistles that never made it into the Bible, and in other literary works.

It is the latter wording that appears on the ossuary.