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Unfortunately the same day a girl named Lynne joined the class the same day and Jon fell in love with her straightaway due to the fact that Lynne was a new girl and much cuter according to their teacher.Jon then erased Hayley's name from his notebook and scribbled Lynne's on instead.

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This rampage has also shown that she possesses incredible superhuman strength and is incapable of stopping altogether until she's been completely sedated.

In a flashback, it was revealed that this began when she was very young and in elementary school where it was shown that she had a crush on a classmate named Jon who wrote "Jon ♥ Hayley" on his notebook.

Imagine watching the world's finest talents at inventing a game.

Athletes, nerds, and nerd-athletes alike take the field to create something marvelous.

Another magic trope that is Older Than Dirt, the idea of words that hold magic power unto themselves has been around since Ancient Egypt.