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“Wide-ranging experimentation” — without safeguards — began almost immediately.

In the fall of 1966, just months after graduating from high school, Jeanne Cordova began her life as a novice at IHM.

The real story is the collapse of the sister’s once-blossoming order under the banner of post-Vatican II “renewal.” Even before the end of the Second Vatican Council, it seemed something was amiss inside the “innovative” order.

The first documented signs of trouble came in the early 1960s. Mary Aloyse, IHM superior, invited Dutch psychologist-priest Adrian van Kaam to lead the sisters in retreat exercises during which “all community rules were suspended.” This set in motion a dalliance with psychology, through which the sisters were diabolically influenced.

In 1965, eager to test nondirective therapy on a wider population, Rogers disseminated a paper titled “The Process of the Basic Encounter Group” to religious orders in the Los Angeles area.